Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla

Spending time towards technologies fascinates me to learn and deconstruct the things deeper. Of course, technology shifts so swiftly. But, my curiosity in Programming and Math stays connected with me. Being part of multiple open communities helped me personally towards leading without a title. This Podcast is all about sharing potential and purposeful exploits by various people in different situations in life, technology, business etc.

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Luis Serrano: On Unlocking The Intuition Behind Math and Machine Learning

On this episode, I got a chance to speak with Luis about how unlocking the intuition behind mathematics and machine learning could impact your thinking and thought process of approaching any problem. Intense passion towards teaching resulted in authoring “Grokking Machine Learning” where someone can understand and teach Machine Learning with only stories..

Balamurugan SP: On Transforming Vernacular Learning for 6 Years

How does vernacular learning can transform the learning styles that could be more powerful and transparent? On Guvi’s 6th anniversary, Balamurugan and I spoke about the tremendous impact of Guvi that was created in the past 6 years.