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Spending time towards technologies fascinates me to learn and deconstruct the things deeper. Of course, technology shifts so swiftly. But, my curiosity in Programming and Math stays connected with me. Being part of multiple open communities helped me personally towards leading without a title. This site is all about me and my perception with different forms in various dimensions. Feel free to reach me out anytime..

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Lane Detection

Road Lane Detection with OpenCV


CLI for perfoming various operations with GitHub access token

OCR Android

Android application for optical character recognition

Camera Calibration

Undistorting distorted Images with OpenCV

GitHub Status Check

CLI for Issue status check with WebHooks

ChromaKeying with Python

Blue/Green Screen effect with OpenCV

ANFIS Controller

Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System


Data Science and Analytics Intern

with Pramati Technologies / Imaginea Labs>

Dec 2019 - Feb 2020

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Disclosable Work
Data Science and Analytics Intern

with Positive Integers

May 2019 - Jun 2019

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Disclosable Work
Software Engineering Intern

with Qube Cinema Technologies

Dec 2018 - Feb 2019

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Disclosable Work
Andriod Application Developer Intern

with Coffee Inc

Aug 2018 - Sep 2018

Remote, WFH

Disclosable Work

Jan 2019 - Apr 2020

Sathyabama IST, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


Apr 2019 - Present

Sathyabma IST, Chennai, Tamil Nadu


at CS Leets

Apr 2018 - Present


Computer Vision and How computer understands an Image Data.

at Facebook F8 Meet

May 2019

Paypal, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Understanding Self-Driving Cars [computer-vision]

at FnPlus Tech

Mar 2019

Payoda Technologies, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Understanding Data Science

at Utsav

Feb 2019

Sathyabama IST, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Machine Learning into information Security

at Null | OWASP InfoSec Community

Apr 2018

Null Community, Chennai, Tamil Nadu



B.E in Computer Science

at Sathyabama IST

Aug 2017 - Present

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Interemediate Education

Math, Physics and Chemistry

at The Narayana Group

Jun 2015 - Apr 2017

Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Secondary Education

at New Era High School

Jan 2014 - May 2015

Khammam, Telangana, India

Technical & Non Technical


The Perfct Day

This video is made to share my response over a specific question. Related to Daily routine.

Find Purpose and Passion

A video proposal to ICT Academy for Youth Talks, Made me in Top 10 Speakers of Chennai

Why DSC Lead?

Developer Student Clubs Lead application 2019-20, Explaining our purpose | Selected

Cybervie | Introduction

Promotional video, Cybervie is a Cyber Security frim workes with various domains of InfoSec

DSC Sathyabama | Rewind

Developer Student Clubs Sathyabama IST, Rewind 2019-2020 | It's 101

CS Leets | Introduction

An initiative with my Fellas with an intention of encouraging peer-to-peer learning



Snorkel for Data Supervision

Snorkeling in Data for supervision and generation

Chromakeying with Python | OpenCV

Blue or Green Screen effect with Python using OpenCV library | Image Processing

Camera Calibration with Python

Transforming Camera distorted images to Undistorted using OpenCV library

Introduction: Exploiting with Teja Kummarikuntla.

On this introduction, I got an extreme chance to reveal the purpose and the possibilities of sharing life exploits. The following episodes includes the personal and professional exploits mixed up.

Sudharsan Ravichandiran: On Authoring Best-Selling Books in Data Science

On this first episode, I got an extreme chance to sit with Sudharsan Ravichandiran, sharing his personal and professional exploits in his career as a Data Scientist and a Bestselling Author. In this podcast, Sudharsan exposed a little about his Book “Hands-on Deep Learning algorithms with Python“ with various questions on kickstarting a career in Data Science.